just saw marvels the avengers and it had the best 3-d you could imagine it was like Thors hammer was coming straight at you it is awesome i give it two thumbs up and to let you know this is a good review it was amazing how at first they hated each other and in the end they all have to team up to beat a bad guy and you will learn some awesome things comment if you want me to tell them and if you have already seen it keep your mouth shut you cant trust anyone with this information so that's all for now
HEY everyone if you are reading this you are awsome if not you are a loser any way i am proud to present my holiday sale i say everything is 50% OFF so buy up teehees
my cousin wants a blog soooooo bad.but he doesnt have a google account
my dad got in a car accident! so now he is staying one more day due to damage to his truck(which is now unusable).i am turning 10 in august so that is really cool.
i have recently gotten a guinea pig named butter cup.
i love her so much she likes getting her belly rubbed.when i let her type stuff she always types the following message:HI

horrible storm in Florida where i'''m temporarily staying so any way i got to miss school today(cause the storm)we are currently on tornado watch i think

love Natalie D.


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